How To Save Lost Teeth

Interested in saving a tooth that has just fallen out? Or do you want to keep your child’s milk teeth as a memento in old age? If so, try reading this article for easy tips! If your tooth hasn’t fallen out, make sure you tell your doctor about your desire to keep the tooth. Since teeth that have fallen out need to be cleaned before storing and are constantly kept moist, try immersing them in a closed container filled with water, saline, or diluted bleach.

Preparing Teeth Before Saving

Cara Menyimpan Gigi yang Tanggal

Communicate your desire to keep the extracted tooth to the doctor. Remember, doctors have no obligation to return extracted teeth to patients, and most doctors are not even willing to do so because they are bound by law. Therefore, don’t forget to convey your wishes from the start so that the doctor can maintain the shape of the tooth when it is extracted and carry out the proper cleaning process before the tooth is taken home.

Cara Menyimpan Gigi yang Tanggal

Make sure your teeth are cleaned properly before taking them home. After extraction, the tooth needs to be cleaned by a doctor first. In particular, the doctor will clean the remaining blood adhering to the tooth surface with the help of a disinfectant, then rinse it with clean water. Make sure your doctor does all these steps before allowing you to bring your teeth home, okay?

Cara Menyimpan Gigi yang Tanggal

Put the tooth in a plastic clip bag before leaving the doctor’s office. After the teeth are cleaned and disinfected by a doctor, immediately put them in a plastic clip bag. Generally, the doctor will do this, but if not, try asking for a plastic clip bag or small container to store your teeth.

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Cara Menyimpan Gigi yang Tanggal

Clean the tooth thoroughly if you remove it without the help of a doctor. If the tooth is extracted independently, don’t forget to apply the same health and hygiene protocols that are generally applied in the doctor’s office. First, use soapy water to clean the teeth from blood and other adhering residue. Then, dip a cotton swab in the alcohol, and lightly pat the alcohol swab all over the tooth surface to disinfect it. After that, rinse your teeth with clean water.

Always wash your hands before and after handling a loose tooth.

Saving Teeth

Cara Menyimpan Gigi yang Tanggal

Put the liquid and the tooth that has been lost in an airtight container. Once you’ve found the most appropriate method for keeping your teeth hydrated, look for a good quality airtight container. In particular, the containers used must not be easily cracked, dented, or leaking. That’s why, you should use an airtight container that generally meets these requirements. After finding the right container, pour the liquid into the container, then put the teeth in it, and close the container tightly.

You can also use a glass jar with a lid.

If you want, you can put the container in a plastic clip bag to make sure the liquid inside doesn’t spill or spill.

Cara Menyimpan Gigi yang Tanggal

Soak the tooth in water or a saline solution to keep it for a short time. To keep your teeth properly hydrated, you can try soaking them in saline or distilled water. If you want to use water, you should change the water every day to prevent the risk of bacteria forming on the tooth surface.

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This method is best used if the tooth is only going to be stored for a few days. If you want to use this method for a longer period of time, you will need to change the water or saline solution periodically.

Cara Menyimpan Gigi yang Tanggal

Perform the decontamination process using a mixture of 1 part bleach solution with 10 parts water. Home whitening liquid is a very effective disinfectant and can prevent the formation of bacteria on the surface of the teeth that have fallen out. To make a bleach solution, you only need to dilute 1 part household bleach to 10 parts water.

Teeth can be soaked in a whitening solution for a few days to a week. However, don’t do it for too long so that the tooth texture is not brittle, OK!

If you wish, simply dip your teeth in a bleach solution to rid them of any adhering germs and bacteria before drying.

Cara Menyimpan Gigi yang Tanggal

Store teeth in an airtight container for permanent shelf life. One fairly popular option to use is to store teeth in an airtight container, without the need to immerse them in liquid. To apply this tip, all you need to do is clean and disinfect your teeth, then store them in a small airtight container.

Some pharmacies sell special containers for storing teeth, you know ! If you can find it, please use the container. If not, feel free to use another container you have at home.

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