4 Ways To Get Rid Of Swallowed Teeth

Even if the odds are slim, sometimes you don’t notice a loose tooth, and swallow it when you eat. Everyone’s teeth will eventually fall out, and sometimes you’ll want to find them to make sure they’ve fallen out (especially if you really want to give it to the dentist).

Waiting and Watching

4 Cara untuk Menyingkirkan Gigi Tertelan

Know when to visit the doctor. Most small objects that are swallowed, such as teeth, will pass through the digestive tract easily with food because they are the size of a pill and too small to cause obstruction. However, there is also the possibility that the tooth gets stuck in the digestive system and requires medical attention. See a doctor if:

Teeth do not pass within 7 days.

You experience vomiting, especially if it is accompanied by blood.

Symptoms such as pain in the abdomen or chest cause coughing, shortness of breath, or shortness of breath.

Bloody stools, especially if the blood is tarred or black.

4 Cara untuk Menyingkirkan Gigi Tertelan

Watch your poop. It usually takes 12-14 hours before the tooth is fully passed. However, don’t be surprised if teeth appear sooner, or later than that time.

4 Cara untuk Menyingkirkan Gigi Tertelan

relax. Nothing passes through the body quickly. You need to let your teeth pass through your digestive tract, they can pass through your stomach, intestines and colon more quickly if you feel relaxed.

4 Cara untuk Menyingkirkan Gigi Tertelan

Eat corn. Corn grains can remain completely intact as they pass through the large intestine. When you start to see corns in the poop, it’s time to look for teeth.

4 Cara untuk Menyingkirkan Gigi Tertelan

Eat fruit, vegetables and whole grains. Food can help things through the digestive tract.

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4 Cara untuk Menyingkirkan Gigi Tertelan

Stay hydrated and be prepared near the toilet. If recommended by a doctor, you should use a laxative to help restore teeth. Be sure to take enough laxative to prevent overdose. Excessive use of laxatives can have serious consequences, leading to addiction, bone loss, and other problems leading to dehydration followed by an increased heart rate and low blood pressure.

When the stools are quite soft and/or runny (due to laxatives), place a filter sheet in the toilet to hold the teeth in.

Retrieving Swallowed Dentures

4 Cara untuk Menyingkirkan Gigi Tertelan

Get back lost dentures. Dentures are the second most common ingested object, after fish bones and other fine bones. Swallowed denture can occur in some complications that do not occur in teeth.

4 Cara untuk Menyingkirkan Gigi Tertelan

Watch the dents closely. Unfortunately, a loose denture or crown will not be noticed by the patient, and if not found early, more serious health problems can arise.

The nature of the design of the dental prosthesis and the materials used can be harmful to the digestive tract and organs, and the chances of teeth getting stuck are greater. Dental prostheses are made of metal, ceramic, or plastic and these materials are not biocompatible and can harm digestive tissue.

If you wear dentures, check them frequently to make sure they don’t come off. Don’t sleep while wearing dentures. Partial dentures have metal wires that can break over time. Make sure you check your dentures frequently to see if they are still in place and not partially swallowed while eating.

4 Cara untuk Menyingkirkan Gigi Tertelan

See the doctor to find the missing dentures. If you think you’ve accidentally swallowed your dentures, it’s a good idea to see a doctor, especially if you’re experiencing any of the pain symptoms listed above.

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Often your doctor will advise you to wait and see first, but you can also request an X-ray scan to determine the size, shape, and location of the dental prosthesis. Chances are the dentures will pass smoothly through the digestive system. In this case, follow the same procedure for natural teeth.

When the dentures are recovered, clean and disinfect them. The trick, wet using a solution of home bleach and water in a ratio of 1:10.


4 Cara untuk Menyingkirkan Gigi Tertelan

Trigger vomiting. Triggering vomiting is not recommended unless directed by a doctor. Vomiting after swallowing a foreign object can cause you to aspirate (inhale) your teeth into your lungs. If the doctor allows it, vomiting can remove teeth from the stomach.

4 Cara untuk Menyingkirkan Gigi Tertelan

Use containers. To be able to restore your teeth, you will need to use a container or sink with a lid attached. Even if it’s unpleasant, try throwing up into a strainer, which will filter the teeth and let the liquid pass so you don’t have to search for your teeth in the puddle.

4 Cara untuk Menyingkirkan Gigi Tertelan

Use your finger to induce vomiting. The most common way to induce vomiting is to stick 1-2 fingers to the back of the throat. Tick ​​the back of your throat until the gag reflex causes you to vomit.

4 Cara untuk Menyingkirkan Gigi Tertelan

Emetic consumption. Ipecac syrup is an emetic drug designed to induce vomiting. Use as directed, and mix a little with water. Take a quick gulp, and you will feel nauseous followed by stomach contractions and causing vomiting.

4 Cara untuk Menyingkirkan Gigi Tertelan

Drink salt water. Be careful, drinking too much salt can cause severe dehydration and even death. Mix 3 teaspoons of salt with a 0.5 liter glass of warm water and drink it so you can vomit 20-30 minutes later.

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4 Cara untuk Menyingkirkan Gigi Tertelan

Drink mustard solution. Mix 1 tablespoon of mustard with a cup of warm water. Your stomach should react in a similar way to salt water.

Visiting the Doctor

4 Cara untuk Menyingkirkan Gigi Tertelan

Visit a doctor. In some cases, the tooth may not pass, or you may experience any of the symptoms listed above. When any of these things happen, it’s best to see a doctor.

4 Cara untuk Menyingkirkan Gigi Tertelan

Prepare for an appointment. Prepare as much information as possible for the doctor to simplify the process and increase the chances of a satisfactory outcome. Prepare the following information:

How big are the teeth? What are molars? fangs? Are the teeth intact or broken into pieces?

What home remedies have you tried?

What symptoms did you experience, including pain, nausea, vomiting?

Have you experienced any changes in bowel movements?

How long has it been since the problem occurred?

How did it happen and what did you eat? Have you tried drinking a drink?

Did the symptoms appear gradually or suddenly?

Are there any health risks that need to be known, such as current health conditions?

4 Cara untuk Menyingkirkan Gigi Tertelan

Follow the doctor’s advice. It is important to take the doctor’s directions seriously. Even minor things like swallowing teeth can result in serious problems, which can get worse if you don’t follow your doctor’s instructions.

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