3 Ways To Diagnose Tooth Tongos (Overbite)

An overbite is a common dental condition that occurs when your teeth don’t fit together properly. This condition can develop in early childhood, for example from thumb sucking, pushing teeth with the tongue, or using a pacifier too often. When the arch of the jaw and palate narrows, the lower jaw is forced to move backwards and causes the upper teeth to overlap with the lower jaw. A claret also occurs in patients who have lost their back teeth, especially the molars. Although crotch teeth are usually treated from the age of 10-12 years, anyone who suffers from croup, regardless of age, can still be cured. [1] X Research sources

Diagnosing Tooth Loss at Home

3 Cara untuk Mendiagnosis Gigi Tonggos (Overbite)

Close your mouth normally. Clench your teeth naturally while ensuring that your jaw stays relaxed without forcing your teeth together. This helps the teeth to position themselves naturally and allows you to identify overlapping teeth at the bottom.

Do not force your teeth together as the results may be inaccurate.

3 Cara untuk Mendiagnosis Gigi Tonggos (Overbite)

Look in the mirror and smile. To self-diagnose a crook, use a mirror so you can see all the teeth. Stand in front of the mirror and smile to show all your teeth.

Get as close to the mirror as possible and smile so that your lips are away from your teeth.

Check if the upper teeth are above the lower front teeth.

If the upper teeth clearly overlap with the lower teeth (more than 3.5 mm), it means that the bite is not aligned and you have a crooked tooth.

You can also feel the lower row of teeth biting close to or against the roof of your mouth.

3 Cara untuk Mendiagnosis Gigi Tonggos (Overbite)

Diagnosis of tooth type. When the rows of teeth are misaligned, you have a condition called malocclusion. There are two categories of malocclusion, which are named respectively overbite and underbite .

Class 1 malocclusion is the most common. If you have a grade 1 malocclusion, the bite is normal even though the upper teeth are overlapping the lower teeth.

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Grade 2 malocclusion is when the upper jaw and teeth clearly overlap the lower jaw and teeth. When viewed from the side, the chin is behind its normal position

Grade 3 malocclusion (also known as underbite or prognathism ) is when the lower jaw protrudes so that the teeth overlap the upper jaw and teeth.

3 Cara untuk Mendiagnosis Gigi Tonggos (Overbite)

Check your teeth with the doctor regularly. If home testing shows that you have a crooked tooth, it’s a good idea to visit your dentist for regular dental check-ups.

If neglected, crooked teeth can cause various effects such as headaches, tooth decay, difficulty speaking, breathing through the mouth, and difficulty chewing. This condition can also lead to TMJ disorders which can affect posture.

Diagnosing Tooth Loss at the Doctor’s Clinic

3 Cara untuk Mendiagnosis Gigi Tonggos (Overbite)

Visit the dentist. Regular visits to the dentist’s clinic can correct dental problems; It is recommended to do it at least twice a year. If you experience discomfort or pain associated with your dentures, your dentist can provide an appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

It is estimated that crooked teeth affect up to 46% of children and nearly 30% feel the benefits of its treatment. So, early diagnosis is important in the treatment of dentures and preventing complications.

3 Cara untuk Mendiagnosis Gigi Tonggos (Overbite)

Get a dental check-up. Dental examination is usually carried out by a dentist which is usually followed by a consultation.

During the examination, the overall condition of the teeth will be noted and the dentist will look at and assess your teeth to determine the presence of crooked teeth.

3 Cara untuk Mendiagnosis Gigi Tonggos (Overbite)

Get an X-ray scan. Dentists can usually diagnose a crooked tooth by looking at your bite mark. However, sometimes an X-ray is needed to visualize the jaw and teeth. This is important for children, especially if the permanent teeth are not yet erupted.

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Dental X-rays can help the doctor diagnose how your child’s permanent teeth are positioned and/or find any damage or disease to the teeth.

If your dentist sees problems with your X-ray scan, including cavities or decay, he or she will discuss your treatment options.

3 Cara untuk Mendiagnosis Gigi Tonggos (Overbite)

Consult a dentist ( orthodontist ). If the dentist confirms you have a crooked tooth, he or she will refer you to an orthopedic dentist. Orthopedic dentists are experts in correcting and correcting the position of teeth.

Orthopedic dentists have 2-3 years more education than regular dentists and are trained in treating claret teeth and other conditions due to irregular tooth position.

During the consultation, the orthodontist will discuss treatment options to correct your bite.

Treating crooked teeth is important to your health because it reduces the chance of tooth decay or gingivitis (inflammation of the gums), and helps reduce the impact of malocclusion on your teeth, jaw, and muscles.

Caring for Tonggos Teeth

3 Cara untuk Mendiagnosis Gigi Tonggos (Overbite)

Wear braces/braces. Braces ( braces ) are one of the ways to treat crooked teeth for children. Braces can help align your teeth by applying pressure and moving your teeth in a certain direction.

Braces consist of metal brackets and archwires that are attached to the teeth. A small elastic band is then used to secure the curved wire to the bracket .

Keep in mind that teeth will usually hurt after braces are placed. Wire, rubber, and brackets can also irritate the tongue, cheeks, or lips. The discomfort can last up to two weeks.

3 Cara untuk Mendiagnosis Gigi Tonggos (Overbite)

Ask about aligners . Another option for treating crooked teeth is to use aligners . It functions the same as a retainer and fits snugly on the teeth.

Aligner is a clear acrylic mold that some people like because it can be removed when eating or brushing teeth.

Since aligners are custom made to the wearer, this option is recommended for teens and adults rather than children.

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3 Cara untuk Mendiagnosis Gigi Tonggos (Overbite)

Ask if your tooth needs to be extracted. If a crook is causing overcrowding , the tooth may need to be extracted to correct the problem.

When extracted, the tooth is released from its socket in the bone. The dentist will perform an X-ray scan to isolate the tooth that needs to be extracted and give antibiotics or anesthesia depending on the type of procedure being performed.

There are two types of tooth extraction:

A simple extraction is done by the dentist by loosening the tooth using an elevator. If it is loose, he will use forceps to extract the tooth.

During surgical extraction, the dentist will make small incisions in the gums and teeth, or cut the bone around the teeth to make extraction easier. Patients are usually sedated before undergoing this type of extraction procedure.

3 Cara untuk Mendiagnosis Gigi Tonggos (Overbite)

Ask about dental repairs. If you have crooked teeth, the misalignment of the teeth can put a strain on your jaw and muscles, so your body responds by sliding your teeth into a more comfortable position.

However, this friction can wear and tear the teeth. Dentists can solve the problem by placing a cap on the teeth or providing a mouth guard.

Another option is to use a specially made TENS machine to stop the teeth grinding. The trick, attach the electrodes to the jaw. The machine will sense the tension in the jaw due to rattling or friction, and send impulses to relax the muscles and stop the associated behavior.

3 Cara untuk Mendiagnosis Gigi Tonggos (Overbite)

Ask for surgery options. Oral surgery is a solution used when orthodontic treatments, such as braces or aligners , have failed to work.

Horizontal maxillary protrusion is a type of surgery performed to repair the cusp teeth. During the operation, the jaw is moved and the clavicle is fixed.

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